[CLOSED] 2015 April

Scoring is currently CLOSED as of 05/03/2015

NOTE: All posted scores are manual. Targetscan digital scoring is currently being used to augment manual scoring to help detect discrepancies.

Final Scores

PistolJohn 4292257
PistolRay 2223256
PistolDave 499244
PistolBrian W.233
PistolAdam 2264217
PistolJeff 686211
PistolMarc 88201
PistolBill M.194
RifleGordon T.275
RifleBill W.220
RifleBrian W.209
RifleDave 499199
RifleMathew T.168
RifleRichard 325117

TargetScan Reports

Click on your name below for targetscan pdf report. You will need a pdf viewer.

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