[CLOSED] 2015 May

Scoring is currently CLOSED as of 06/07/2015

NOTE: All posted scores are manual. Targetscan digital scoring is currently being used to augment manual scoring to help detect discrepancies.

All scores must be turned in to range office by 06/07/2015 to count for this scoring period.

Final Scores

Pistol - OpenBrian 372249
Pistol - OpenLinda 4813241
Pistol - OpenCary 53208
Pistol - OpenThomas 11149
Pistol - StandardRay 2223259
Pistol - StandardJohn 4292256
Pistol - StandardDave 499242
Pistol - StandardMarc 88219
Pistol - StandardJeff 686212
Pistol - StandardBill 4825206
Rifle - OpenBrian 1851220
Rifle - StandardGordon 4827260
Rifle - StandardDave 499205
Rifle - Standard JuniorMathew T.81

TargetScan Reports

Click on your name below for targetscan pdf report. You will need a pdf viewer.

6 thoughts on “[CLOSED] 2015 May

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    • Hey guys, good shooting out there. Many of you improved your scores from last month and I am very proud of you putting in the time. Lets all break out of your high scores in June and improve even more. Make sure you see the target scans Marc has done and see where you are grouping. Most important is don’t be afraid to ask for help in coaching.
      Good shooting all!

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