[CLOSED] 2015 September

imageScoring is currently OPEN as of 09/06/2015

NOTE: All posted scores are manual. Targetscan digital scoring is currently being used to augment manual scoring to help detect discrepancies.

All scores must be turned in to range office by 10/04/2015 to count for this scoring period.



Preliminary Scores

PistolStandardSeniorJohn 429253860
PistolStandardSeniorRay 222350160
PistolOpenSeniorThomas 1129440
PistolStandardSeniorBill 482528040
PistolStandardSeniorMarc 8824340
RifleStandardJuniorMatthew T.31840
RifleStandardSeniorGordon 482755660
RifleStandardSeniorGordon 482727430

TargetScan Reports

Click on your name below for targetscan pdf report. You will need a pdf viewer.