June match has been changed

For all our members please be aware that our normally scheduled match date of the 21st of June has been changed to the 28th. This is due in part to the range participating in the NRA”fun shoot” and the entire outdoor range will be closed. We will all resume our activities on the 28th along with the pot luck.

Reminder website for Target Shooting Canada is:


Fresh off the press

Available to league members is a chronograph which is graciously offered by Jeff one of the range masters. Make sure that he is there and he is willing to set it up for you. Try to have more than one person to use it since it takes a bit to set it up.

League dues will come due the 1st of June. The cost is fifteen dollars for six months, thirty dollars for the whole year starting January. Any questions please ask Jeff, Marc or myself, Ray. Please do come by and introduce yourselves and have fun.

At our meeting we had discussed about submitting our scores for the Canadian postal. You are not obligated to do this and they are shooting both rifle and pistol 40/60 shots for score. We did change the amount of shots for record to at least 40 so the only other thing would be to submit them. This postal has people from all over that participates and would be fun to see how we compare. Remember there is no obligation for this and if you are interested, please ask the league officials for further information…

The website for Target Shooting Canada is:

Here is a sample of scores for their last postal in April:

10m Air Pistol 40 Shots Ian Nuckley – Great Britain (UK) – Aeron B96 / Jsb Match 354
Eric Holmquist – United States – Baikal IZH-46M / RWS Meisterkugeln 347
Michael Andersson – Sweden – Steyr LP10 / Rws 343
Lee Blauvelt – United States – Daisy 777 / RWS MK 7.0 336
10m Air Pistol 60 Shots Dan Ide – United States – FWB P-44 / H&N 533
George Siordian – United States – Steyr LP1P / Rws Diablo 529
Ed Hess – United States – Walther LP 400 / RWS R-10 525
Mack Thomas – United States – Steyr LP10 / H&N Final Match 522
Ian Nuckley – Great Britain (UK) – Aeron B96 / Jsb Match 521
Eric Holmquist – United States – Baikal IZH-46M / RWS Meisterkugeln 518
Lee Blauvelt – United States – Daisy 777 / RWS MK 7.0 513
10m Air Rifle 40 Shots Robert Sorge – United States – Anschutz 8001 Club / RWS R 10 Match 300


We also welcome the Oakland Military Institute that will be joining us for the matches in June. They have been invited to join us as we have our match day on the 28th of June. At this time they may or may not be shooting…but they will be doing a postal with us. Please welcome SSG. Jonathan Knea and his team.


2015 May competition day on the 17th

2015_03_15_0954For all next competition date is the 17th May where lanes will be set aside for our use. Times of the competition will be from 9:00 am to approx 2:00 pm. If you do miss this date you can complete your match at a later date. Please remember that we will have a league meeting this day along with pot luck lunch. If you are are going to participate in the pot luck lunch please let one of us know so we can coordinate this.