2015 April competition day

2 thoughts on “2015 April competition day

  1. Wow, I just found the 600x League post on the San Leandro Gun Club website.
    This is fantastic! I’ve been shooting air rifle for about a year and , frankly it was getting a little dull. It would be great to meet up with some fellow enthusiasts. I would love to help. Are there any meetings or get togethers before May 12 ?
    What does “600x” refer to? thanks

    • Unfortunately the next meetup is May 17th (every third Sunday).
      If you subscribe at http://www.600xleague.org/subscribe/ we’ll add you to the announcements.

      600x is a perfect score (hit on ‘x’ 10 every shot on every card on every string, not just 10 point). Basically what we all inspire (and hope to inspire in others) to work our way up to.

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