600X League Match Rules (General)

All 600X League competitors shall obtain a Range Card issued by the San Leandro Rifle and Pistol Range (free; see Range Safety Officer for details. Juniors are exempt from this rule.) The Range Card ID number will be your 600X League Competitor Number (Juniors will have a League number assigned.)

NOTE: Juniors are exempt from this rule  only if they are current members of the Junior Optimist Rifle Club. Juniors that are NOT members of the above mentioned club ARE required to have a Range Safety Card.

Targets (if you do not have your own) will be issued by the Range Safety Officer at Range Check-in (inform them as to which match you are shooting Air Rifle/Pistol, Rimfire Rifle/Pistol in order to get the correct target for your match and class.) Additional Rimfire pistol targets will be charged at the range price ($.50/target.)

Targets in use and course of fire (basic) are as follows:

Air Pistol: Target B-40; 30 round match at 10 Meters, 10 rounds per target. (Optional 40 round match for senior women and all juniors; optional 60 round match for senior men. Optional matches will also shoot 10 rounds/target.) One sighter target issued per match. League supplies targets.

Air Rifle: Target AR-5/10; 30 Round match at 10 Meters, 3 shots per bull. Optional 40 rd match for senior women and all juniors (4 shots/bull), Optional 60 round match for senior men (3 shots per bull; ask RSO for second target.) Sighter targets included. League supplies targets.

Rimfire Pistol: Target B-8; 30 rounds, single target, 25 yards. Sighter target to be replaced at start of record shooting (shooter must purchase from the range if not shooter-supplied.)

Rimfire Rifle: ½ of Target A-50; 30 rounds at 25 yards for Open Class, at 50 Yards/Meters for Standard Class, 15 shots per bull. Sighter target included on target. League supplies targets.

Target frames are available for use for Air Pistol/Rifle, and are located at the walkway to the outdoor pistol line. Frames should be set up 1 yard closer than the 12 Yard line for the 10 Meter air gun matches.

Frames may be used for practice (alternatively, you can shoot at 12 Yards, which should help hone skills due to the apparent slightly smaller bull image.)

Upon completion of match shooting, mark each target with the following information:

Name, Range Card Number, Match and Class (i.e. “Standard Air Pistol” or “Open Rimfire Rifle”), Number of record shots fired, and the date the match was shot. As an example, the following would be on each

  • John Doe #1234
  • Open Air Pistol, 30
  • April 1 2016

For complete match rules, see the 600X Air or Rimfire Event rules.