Airgun League Rules

600x Airgun League Events


600X League is organizing recreational matches in Air Pistol and Air Rifle to encourage participation in International Airgun events.

League Airgun events will be 30 shots for both rifle and pistol, with an option for 60 shots in keeping with the International Airgun events . Record shots will be on the appropriate International target for the type of Airgun used, at the standard 10 Meter (33 feet) distance.

Competitors in both rifle and pistol will be sorted into 2 groups depending on the shooting style used: Standard Class, for those who wish to train for ISSF or NRA competition; and Open Class, intended for those who are new to precision shooting, not looking to transition to competition shooting, or those simply wishing to compete under a more relaxed rule set than the international standards.

The matches will be held on the designated 600X League match day, generally the 3rd Sunday of the month, unless that day conflicts with other range events. In the case of a date conflict the match will be moved, and League members will be notified via e-mail or a posting on the League Website.

Competitors are free to shoot on a day other than match day, as long as the record targets are submitted to the League in a timely manner (cutoff dates for target submission will be posted on the League Website.) Specifics for each class are listed below.


Air Pistol: 2 classes, Open and Standard

Both classes will fire 30 record shots from 10 Meters (approximately 11 Yards) at the NRA B-40 Air Pistol target, 10 shots per target (4 targets will be issued, a sighter target and 3 record targets.) Targets will be issued by the Range Officer. Both classes are allowed an unlimited number of sighter shots prior to shooting for record. There is no time limit for sighter or record shots. Record targets will be turned in to the Range Safety Officer for transfer to the League Scorer (sighter targets do not need to be submitted.)


Classes are as follows:

Open Air Pistol: Any .177 or .22 caliber air (Pre-Charged Pneumatic, spring piston, pump) or CO2 pistol may be used. Any sights are allowed, including iron (open), peep, telescopic, projected dot, laser. The gun may be rested on the bench or other support. Shooter may use any grip (one or two hand) and any position allowed at the range (standing or sitting.) Shooting will be done at 10 Meters.

Standard Pistol: Any .177 or .22 caliber Air or CO2 pistol may be used, unless it is grossly out of line with the ISSF rules for Air Pistol (League officers will have final say in what does and does not fall into the legal range.) In general, any Air pistol that can be supported by one hand, and makes no other contact with the shooter other than the hand, will be permitted. No sight system that projects onto the target are allowed (iron sights, red dot sights and telescopic scopes are acceptable. Laser sight systems are not.) All shooting will be done single hand (off hand), standing (or Paralympic equivalent) at 10 Meters.


Rifle: 2 classes, Open and Standard

Target issue for both rifle classes shall be one NRA AR-5/10 target consisting of 2 sighter bulls, and 10 record bulls. Both classes will fire 30 record shots at the 10 bulls (3 shots per bull.) An unlimited number of sighter shots are allowed on the sighter targets prior to the start of record shooting. There is no time limit for sighter or record shooting. Targets will be turned in to the Range Safety Officer for transfer to the League Scorer. The classes shall be divided as follows:

Open Rifle: Any .177 or .22 caliber Air (Pre-charged Pneumatic, Spring Piston, Pump) or CO2 rifle with any sight system may be used. The rifle may be rested on the bench or other support. Shooting may be performed from standing or seated position.

Standard Rifle: Any .177 or .22 caliber Air or CO2 rifle conforming to the ISSF or NRA rules for Air Rifle shall be allowed, with the League waiving the restriction on thumbhole stocks and scopes. In general this means any air rifle; any sight system except those which project an image onto the target. All shooting will be done at 10 Meters, from the offhand (standing, unsupported position (or Paralympic equivalent.)

Upon conclusion of record shooting, each shooter shall retrieve their record target(s), and note the following information upon it: Shooter Name, Range Card ID Number, Class and Type of match (i.e. Open or Standard Air Pistol, Open or Standard Air Rifle), the number of record shots fired, and the date
the record shots were fired. At that time, the target shall be turned in to the Range Office for transfer to the League Scorer.


  1. Any competitor may, at their discretion, elect to shoot a 60 round match (Men) or 40 round match (Women and Juniors) in keeping with International competition courses of fire. Request additional targets from the Range Safety Officer prior to shooting.
  2. Any competitor who feels that accurate scoring may be impacted by an overly dense grouping of shots on the record targets may elect to shoot additional targets to lower the number of shots per bull for record shooting. Please use common sense in doing so to minimize cost to the League.

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