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  1. Hi
    I’d like to come down to play on both short and long arms. But I cannot make it on competition day this month, so what should I do?
    I also read the report and I am completely confused. Some scored three targets, some four, some six. I thought both pistol and rifle should be 60 shots (juniors and women 40). I read an earlier rule that says 40 shots, but obviously many occasions I saw people scoring 6 targets (60 shots). How does it work?
    What should I do when I show up to the office if I want to “compete”? Do I have to pay a fee? The matches are honor system, self timed right? Am I allow to shoot in the indoor range if I were not on the day of competition?
    How big a factor is the wind?

    • We are currently only running pellet pistol and rifle, but are considering adding small bore and large bore rifle and pistol.
      If you like you can sign up on the subscribe page to find out when we have competitions or meetings.

      Unfortunately we have recently changed our scoring and rules to allow those who wish to participate in the Canadian league qualification to shoot.
      Not all members are currently participating in the Canadian league submission so the target count will differ.
      Since we are pretty new we are still trying to figure out what works.
      The goal is to get members and youth to get comfortable with a relaxed shooting environment in preparation for actual tournaments and competitions.

      If you tell the office that you are there for the 600x league competition they will direct you to the correct people to help coordinate.
      The membership fee is currently $30/year (prorated depending on when you join) but if you wish to come down and check out the club first and shoot with us that is completely welcome.
      Range fees or equipment (eyes, ears, etc) rental is not included in membership dues as the club is separately operated from the range.
      Competition for us is currently informal, works on the honor system and are self-timed. Yes you may shoot indoors (or outdoors, your preference).
      Wind on the outdoor isn’t really an issue due to the way the range is setup at the 10m distance.

      Our next meet is Aug 16th, 2015 8am – 2pm

      Sorry for the delayed response.

      Hope you will come down and join us.
      if you need more info please email: info@600xleague.org

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